Beyond net-0: An international perspective on how decarbonisation strategies can foster a just transition and global cooperation

30.03.2023, 14:00 — 17:00
Agora Energiewende (Partnerevent der BETD)
Veranstalter: Agora Energiewende (Partnerevent der BETD)
Typ: Konferenz
Quadriga Forum

This partner event of the BETD hosted by the International Network of the Energy Transition Think Tanks INETTT will present and discuss the stage of planning, implementation, and main elements of the predominantly non-European national clean energy transitions.
The members of the network from Mexico - Iniciativa Climática de México, South Korea - Green Energy Strategy Institute, Vietnam - Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition, Brazil - E+ Energy Transition Institute, Japan - Renewable Energy Institute, and Poland - Forum Energii will first present their assessment of key elements necessary to accelerate the respective national transitions. In a second session panelists will address the opportunities to learn from the planning and implementation processes of the European Green Deal and its possible role in fostering international cooperation.

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