Breaking free from fossil gas: A new path to a climate-neutral Europe

20.06.2023, 11:00 — 12:30
Agora Energiewende
Veranstalter: Agora Energiewende
Typ: Webinar

In the context of the ongoing legislative processes on gas-market legislation and ahead of upcoming debates on the EU's 2040 climate ambitions, there is a growing urgency to make sure no investments are made into future technological lock-ins and potentially stranded investments that could compromise the achievement of the climate targets. A fundamental rethinking of the projected role of fossil gas as a "bridge fuel" to a clean economy is imperative in order to prepare for a structured substitution and phase-out process.

In a new report, Agora Energiewende outlines a vision for a complete fossil gas phase-out pathway for the EU, covering the energy, buildings and industry sectors based on modelling work carried out by Artelys, TEP Energy and the Wuppertal Institute. In a series of webinars, we will present the key findings and policy implications of the report and provide a deeper look at the sectoral results.

Together with the Wuppertal Institute, this third session in the series will cover industry in the EU-27, providing more detailed insights on how industrial energy and feedstock demand must evolve towards 2050 to transition the different industry sub-sectors away from fossil gas. A special focus is placed on the role of hydrogen, heat pumps, CCS/CCU and the transformation of the refinery sector.

The webinar follows two earlier webinars presenting the overall results (4 May) as well as taking a deep dive into the power sector and energy supply (24 May). There will be a third deep dive on buildings and district heating (22 May). To view a recording of these events please click the according link in the “all content” section below.

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