Free Webinar: Overcoming the Challenges to Decarbonise the Glass Value Chain

27.09.2023, 15:00
decarb connect und Shell Energy
Veranstalter: decarb connect und Shell Energy
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Daniel Icasiano, Global GM Heavy Manufacturing Decarbonisation, Shell

Daniel leads Shell’s global efforts with heavy manufacturing sector players in achieving their decarbonization goals.

As part of this, Daniel and his team cater to industries such as steel, cement, glass, and heavy equipment manufacturers by planning and implementing viable decarbonisation pathways with solutions enabled by Shell’s portfolio.

Aston Fuller, General Manager, Glass Futures

Aston is the General Manager of Glass Futures and has worked in the glass industry for over 13 years.

He spent 8 years with Ardagh Glass, gaining experience in furnace management, operation, maintenance and capital construction, wider plant engineering and energy management before working with British Glass and GTS on wider cullet recycling research projects, prior to joining Glass Futures.

Barry Fish, Decarbonisation Technology Team Leader, NSG Group

Industrial Chemist and Geologist, with a background in raw materials and glass compositions. Worked at NSG Group for 13 years; team of 7 scientists reporting to me.

My team manages all of the group’s Decarbonisation projects and I personally manage 2 of these, one looking at low carbon raw materials, the other aiming to increase the amount of recycled glass (cullet) that NSG uses in the glassmaking process.

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