Thermal Technologies for the Energy Transition

30.03.2023, 13:30 — 17:00
Veranstalter: DCSP
Typ: Konferenz
Messe Stuttgart

The heat sector is often referred to as the “elephant in the room”. However - a broad range of technologies is already available on the market to tackle this problem. Thermal technologies like concentrated solar power and thermal energy storage are key for decarbonizing energy systems. They enable the reliable provision of green heat, contribute to increasing energy efficiency and provide flexibility for both the heat and power sectors. During the event we will discuss the stepstones to creating a better environment for investments and project development, discuss policy recommendations and showcase successful projects.

Part 1: Decarbonizing Industrial Processes with Thermal Technologies
Industrial process heat alone amounts to about a fifth of global CO2 emissions. There is an urgent need for thermal solutions like thermal energy storage and concentrated solar power. These technologies as part of a hybrid technology portfolio enable to efficiently provide process heat from renewable energy at the demanded time of day and at a process-fitted temperature level.

Part 2: Potential of Thermal Technologies for Heat and Power Infrastructure
With proceeding energy transition and an increasing share of renewables in the grid, there is a growing need of flexibility and grid stabilizing options. Thermal technologies provide cost-effective solutions to decarbonize and enable stable renewable energy provision and network infrastructure in both heat and electricity.

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